Shamanic Sound Healing Training

                           Level One.  

Due to Covid-19 in person classes are postponed till 2021

Scroll down this page for the online intro class!

With the level one training we offer a drum birthing workshop.  Creating your own drum and mallet is a intimate and profound process.

  Sound healing training level 1,

will cover the fundamentals of becoming a sound healer, and beyond.

   Subjects will include

  • The science of sound 

  • Cultivating coherence with sound 

  • Creating relationship with instruments

  • How to use Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Gongs, Rattles, Drums, Bells, and much more

  • Shamanism and engaging with the subtle realms

  • Consciousness, evolution and sound as a vehicle of transformation

  • The voice and the power of toning and chant

  • sound practices that are focused on Anxiety, Depression, fear, Trauma, chronic pain, spiritual crisis. 

  • Creating a sound practice, Holding sound baths

  • Cultivating intuition 

  • Rhythm and timing 

  • Creating sound meditations

  • Plant medicine and  ceremonies with sound

Online Shamanic Sound Healing intro.

 A "live" one day online sound healing foundational class.

Students will explore The mystical shamanic aspects of Sound healing.

 learn how sound is an interwoven tapestry of creation and the the catalyst

 for divine source energy to interact with us.

This is an initiation class, into the nature of sound healing


"After this class, the sounds you create will never be the same."


  • The Science of sound.

  • Sacred geometries role in sound healing.

  • The sacred voice.

  • Creating a sound container with spirit.

  • Shamanism and Sound Healing. The perfect partnership.

  • Consciousness of sound.

  • Tuning into the collective

  • Activate your DNA strands with sound



Sound Healing intro will be live on Zoom.

David will send you a link after you register.

The time of the event is 1-5 on Sunday November 21st 

Also the next run of this class is Jan 17th 1-5 sold out

next intro class will be Sat Feb 20th or Wed Feb24th

Special;  If you sign up for level one class coming up in fall of 2021 the cost of the introduction class will be credited back to you.


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